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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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told police he was not patted down by bouncers as other patrons were and the gun was hidden inside his pants. >> are you investigating the possibility that was on purpose by design, that he wasn't patted down. >> we are still continuing our investigation. and, you know, we will go where the evidence takes us. >> reporter: lopez is charged with carrying an illegal weapon and tampering with evidence by throwing the gun on a roof. he had another loaded clip in his pocket. opd wanted lopez to stay behind bars citing the horrific nature of the shooting and reckless disregard for human life displayed by all gunmen but a judge set bond and lopez got out. wftv legal analyst and former chief judge perry says his current charges don't qualify him as a danger to the community under the law.
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he is entitled to a reasonable bond since he's not charged with a capital crime or a life felony or one of the enumerated crimes under the dangerous crimes list. >> reporter: now, opd told us here at headquarters today that the two men who were shot and killed were on opposite sides of the gun battle. there have been reports coming out of puerto rico that it could have ties to the drug operation in puerto rico where the two men were from. we asked the chief if that is true and if he is concerned he will see more of this and we are putting together his remarks on that and we will said. kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. also developing right now, the top democratic in the senate is calling for a congressman to end his run for the senate. >> reid called on grayson to drop out of the race.
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inquiry over the management of a hedge fun. why grayson says this is politically motivated and why he may be right. we told you about two members of the police department who said another officer was allegedly selling drugs and protecting a gang. following the accusations, there was not an investigation into the lieutenant but the two officers were looked into how they handled that information. one of them was reprimanded and now the other has resigned. shannon. >> reporter: yeah. we don't know why this officer has decided to resign. but we know it was the same day that we aired our story about his involvement and allegations against another police lieutenant. in this reprimand that he received that very day, it says he didn't go up his chain of command to tell the police what he may have known about the lieutenant. two police officers on the west orange narcotics task force say
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lieutenant was selling drugs and protecting a gang. carlos and gregory hedges said they weren't sure what to do with the information. but then decided they would go to their bosses at the task force. this is what hedges said. >> we were assessing who to give it to. it's like a hot potato. you don't know who to -- >> who to. >> who to give it to. >> because you don't flow who to trust or who has the ability to work it. >> both. >> reporter: this is audio from with hedges. we told you last week that nobody investigated the claims against the lieutenant. the sheriff's office was investigating claims that they didn't investigate as part of a cover-up. the day we ran our investigation, officer hedges was disciplined. his paperwork says although it
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occurred by drescher, they say he should have told them the sheriff's office per the policy. he resigned later. he gave no reason why. his last day is june 4th. now, in hedges' reprimand, it indicates that there was no violation by brad drescher. we had to ask the sheriff's department to clarify that because they never investigated brad drescher or the claims by the two police officers. they say other investigations are leading them to be able to make those statements but could they not elaborate further. we have tried to reach out to hedges but we have not yet been successful. >> on another note, the lieutenant retired at the department before our story ran after 25 years. he was working at the red light camera company that is contracted with the city. the day after our first story
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suspension from the company. the teen who was behind the wheel of a car that hit an orlando police officer will have a hearing on monday. he is charged as an adult. we have shown you the dash cam video from the incident. officer anderson is recovering from his injuries and it is unclear if he will be able to return to the force. thousands of people are making their way to a rally in tampa for donald trump. michael is there live tonight. michael, the other candidates have stepped up their attacks on trump as we get closer to the next primary. >> reporter: bob, we will be listening to see how trump responds to those attacks. i noticed he was already naming names earlier today on twitter and would not be surprised to have him call people out tonight. jeb bush has been a favorite target but marco rubio has been
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rubio is trying to get back in the game following the fifth place finish in new hampshire. we're expecting some protesters outside that disagree with trump's message. of course he has been outspoken and blunt in this campaign. just recently said he would tone down some of the language. we will be watching to see if disrupt things inside. are very loyal. we caught up with a man who drove from orlando to hear the candidate speak. >> i think he's on point with immigration. i like the fact that he's self- funded. i like the fact that he speaks his mind. and he's not politically correct. >> reporter: he certainly is not. that next republican primary is about a week from today in south carolina.
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tampa, several thousand people are already here inside. they're reved up. there were decent lines outside so a lot of people are expected and the candidate will take the stage around 7:00 tonight. >> it's noisy already. another presidential candidate is also coming to florida to rally support, hillary clinton. she was in orlando back in december to discuss gun control. but on monday her campaign takes her to rivera beach near palm beach. she will ab the port of palm beach starting at 2:00 p.m. on monday. if you can't make it there, we will have a crew there to update you on what happens. the polk county superintendent who is under investigation for allegedly making sexual passes at a coworker has resigned. superintendent catherine leroy was cleared of wrong doing after associate superintendent greg rivers filed those complaints against her. he also claims she tailored a lover. it came hours before the school
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meeting to see if any action should be taken against her. police are hoping social media will help bring an accused pedophile to justice. the suspect has been a wanted fugitive for 20 years now. melanie holt found out that he may be living under an assumed identity. >> reporter: palm bay police just hope someone knows who he is now and where they can find him. douglas adams is a wanted fugitive and has been since the 1990s when palm bay beach him. >> he was supposed to turn himself in but he didn't. >> reporter: he has been running ever since, assuming the identity of a dead man to marshalls. over the years, investigators believe adams was in miami, guadalajara, mexico.
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reaching out to us. >> reporter: she told palm bay police that she was just 8 when adams started sexually abusing her. it continued until she was 12. adams later apologized to the victim. i reached out to her today and she just asked that we share this story. police are using social media to do just that. we spotted their post on facebook. >> i don't want him in my neighborhood. and i don't think too many other people want him in their neighborhood. >> reporter: pam bartly lives in the same neighborhood that adams called home 20 years ago. >> somebody who has done this, they need to pay. because it didn't affect them just when the crime occurred. it's going to have an impact on their entire life. >> even if he is deceased, we would like to know that so the victim has peace and isn't looking over her shoulder. >> reporter: even if adams'
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hoping his hobbies haven't. he was interested in working on cars, particularly mustangs. melanie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> now, this black and white photo from 2004 is the last known image of adams. we shared a post by palm bay police on our facebook page. they want to spread the word across social media to help track him down and bring closure to the victim. the mom and daughter accused of engaging in prostitution while their kids were locked in a bedroom are still in jail tonight. the two had been arrested for solicitation and child endangerment. late last night the man who lives in the home says he never knew what they were up to and he was refusing to bail them out of jail. three federal agencies will now work together to find out if there are any health risks associated with rubber used on playgrounds and sports field.
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this artificial turf for months now. today the white house announced the epa, the cdc and the consumer products safety commission will work together any risks. this abortion clinic is one down. new at 5:00, what the owner is accused of doing in south carolina that has florida taking drastic action. and imagine getting a water bill for nearly $1,000. how it happened to one man and why he says it's a sign of a bigger billing problem. and hawks are attacking people outside a local library. >> it's scary. why the birds' nests cannot be moved yet and the warnings that visitors are getting. watch out. we're about 12 hours away from
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bombing visitors at a local library. we told you before about these aggressive hawks that nest at the port orange library. well, now they're back and they've already attacked at least two people. channel 9's blaine tolison found out how the county and city are stepping up efforts to warn people. >> reporter: it's nesting season again for the hawks outside of the library and the territorial birds are attacking people. >> she said it felt like getting hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat covered with barbed wire. >> reporter: as we were getting video of the birds a hawk swooped over our camera. we saw a woman leaving the library with umbrella in hand and watching up above. >> we're regulars at the library. it kind of almost makes me feel like i don't want to come up here at all.
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have seen the birds leave behind cuts and bruises. the hawks are protected by state and federal law. their nests can be removed by a permit but if it has eggs or chicks, removing it would require a permit from the fish officials are not considering either option. >> there's a lot of people unaware what was is going on. but i'm afraid that a child or an elderly person is going to get struck. >> reporter: blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> even some of the city's own employees have been attacked. the birds nest for about three months. during that time, city officials want everyone to be on alert. you can watch the hawks as well as the people dodging them on just click on the video tab. you still have a little longer to make $50 by turning in a firearm to orange deputies. they have been collecting guns as part of a gun buy back to
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they collected 200 guns last year. when we stopped by today, they were on their way to beating that record. >> anything from a rifle to a shotgun to handguns, revolvers. any type of firearm that will shoot, we will take it. >> now, deputies say each of the firearms turned in will be checked to see if they were used in crimes or reported stolen. you can get a $50 gift card for turning in a firearm at the investigatement district before 7:00 tonight. you still have time. >> all right. we have a sneak preview of some of the state of the art health care that winter garden residents can expect to see. here is a look inside the florida hospital winter garden. the facility features emergency care, lab and imaging services along with primary and specialty care. officials want this to be a one stop shop for patients. the hospital officially opens
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ucf officials say the downtown campus should graduate 1800 a year. ucf expects 5400 students to enroll at the new campus. school leaders will pitch the idea to the board of governors next month. there was more than just cosmetic damage to the cruise ship that got caught in a powerful storm. >> there was damage to the ship's propulsion system. it was head today the bahamas after leaving new jersey and almost docked at port canaveral. but it continued on to new jersey. senator bill nelson wants a federal investigation into why the captain continued the voyage despite that storm. a lot of folks not happy about their trip but happy they're back on dry land. >> a lot of folks on that boat. the second largest of that class in the world. >> yeah.
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cold front on the way but not here yet. we're down to 73 now. our high today a nice 76 degrees. we had 40 this morning. we will continue to warm temperatures up tonight. our cold front doesn't move by until daybreak. perhaps a bit before daybreak in the morning. a warm day. even along the beaches we are 13 degrees warmer than yesterday in palm bay, melbourne and titusville. right now temperatures still in the 70s. we will make it into the low to mid 50s overnight tonight. the next cold front is hot on our heels. it is making steady progress. a bank of clouds will move through as the front passes by. we will take you hour by hour. by 8:00 we're in the 60s, falling into the upper 50s. in the morning, our cold front will be south of kissimmee by 7:30 in the morning. with 40s for ocala. 50 in sanford. we will go from the mid 70s
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interior parts of central florida tomorrow. cooler along the coast. here is 2:00 tomorrow. we're in the 60s but only 50s along the coast. upper 50s for daytime highs but it will be cooler. sunday morning, back into the 40s similar to today and upper 30s here to the north and west. future track, a few clouds through 8:00 tonight. a little bit of green showing up. we will not get any rain. the forecast model a little overexuberant. but either way we will see clouds through 5:00 in the morning. lots of sunshine tomorrow. that northerly breeze will make it just a bit cooler. overall very nice. now, sunday, again, our forecast model is going overboard with the sprinkles along the coast. i put a 10% rain chance in across central florida. higher coverage just about a 20% coverage of showers along the east coast on sunday. but our next storm system won't really arrive until late monday night. that's our next best chance for
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here is your 5-day forecast, the weekend always in view. sunday, more clouds. a slight chance for a shower. and late monday nice and tuesday morning is the next best opportunity for rain. you will notice no big trop in temperatures behind this one, martha. i will take you hour by hour on your friday night get away coming up. >> we will see you then. they risk their lives to save yours. 9 investigates why central florida's largest fire department isn't hiring more frights even though it's spending millions in overtime. an officer admits to drinking before she crashed into another vehicle and took off. new at 6:00, we asked if she got special treatment because she only received a citation. a man got a water bill for nearly $1,000 and he is not alone. >> it's a problem for us.
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>> a brevard county man got a water bill for nearly $1,000. he lives in the heritage isle community. other neighbors noticed discrepancies in their bills. julie took the concerns to the mayor and the residents argue they couldn't use the water
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up north. >> reporter: this is the homeowner's water meter right here. the city doesn't even have to step out to check it. he doesn't know why he would have a bill for nearly $1,000. he owed $959 on his bill. he explained he didn't use that much water. >> my water bill had spiked by 90,000 gallons in one month. >> reporter: his average bill is usually $40 and added he had been in new jersey for months so he didn't use any water. the city eventually agreed to reduce the bill to about $300. >> if i didn't pay that by february the 11th, their indication is that they would then cut the water off. >> reporter: the city told me connor was the only formal written complaint that they have received. but other residents living in the heritage isle community spoke up at this week's city council meeting.
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a year previous, in 2014. i'm also a snow bird. >> reporter: mayor henry parish said they are investigating and any findings will be discussed at a future council meeting. >> we will investigate it thoroughly and see if there's a breach or a problem on our side, which is the meter. >> reporter: connor says for now his bill is back to normal. >> it had to have been something wrong with the meter and how they read it or the water was stolen by someone. i have no idea. >> reporter: the city tells me if they notice a homeowner has an extremely high bill, they will contact them. reporting in brevard county, channel 9 eyewitness news. alan grayson is not listening to the call for him to drop out of the senate race. you probably downloaded them without thinking but are
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at risk for identity theft. what lawmakers are doing tonight to protect you. a local abortion doctor was
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continues right now at 5:30. >> a local abortion doctor is facing drug charges in south carolina. now the state of florida is trying to shut down s clinics here. he owns two clinics in orlando and one in ft. lauderdale. >> tim is live at one of the clinics. they found the surgical tools necessary to perform abortions in the doctor's car? >> reporter: the doctor was not arrested for that, but he was arrested for allegedly having drugs, both pills and pot in his car. and because of that, soon these doors could be closed not only for abortions but all other procedures as well. abortion dr. james pendergraff is no stranger to controversy. >> god uses different things in different ways. it usually is in different ways than we can imagine.
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